The Month Of Love

At long last February is here! I'm always glad when February arrives as it means we are getting closer to the lighter days and summer. I feel like we missed out on loads last year and I'm really hoping this summer will be better!

With valentines day approaching I thought I'd touch on self love. When we think of Valentines day, we think of spending it with a significant other, flowers and date nights - and while some people may be doing this (albeit restricted) a box of chocolates and bottle of wine for one is also just as good!! 

The Vision I had when I started Peachy Cosmetics Co was around self care, self love, being kinder to yourself, and I really wanted to get that message across. We are all guilty of not putting ourselves first sometimes but we need to remember that we can't pour from an empty cup! So if you are spending Valentines day alone this year, spend it on you and use it wisely!

Valentines Self Care

1) Make yourself something nice and tasty for dinner, or get a takeaway!

2) Have a nice bubble bath and read a book - If you are looking for a good book to read I highly recommend The Life Changing Magic Of Not Giving  A Fuck by Sarah Knight. Honestly I don't know who needs to hear this but buy that book, You can get it here 

3) Skin care - Facemask, exfoliate, moisturise and could even throw in a little hair mask!

4) A good old chick flick movie and your favourite drink and snacks! Make yourself some chocolate dipped strawbs and enjoy!

Be your own valentine! 

Meanwhile at Peachy Cosmetics, we are working on some new products and I am so excited for you to see! It's taken longer than I had hoped - but I'm a perfectionist and I need the product to be totally perfect, so bear with me I'm working on it and it will be worth the wait!

Lots of peachy love xx