New Year, New Goals

Happy NY!

2021 is here and I'm sure like many of you, glad to see the back of 2020! 2020 was a whirlwind year testing us throughout but we made it! 2020 was the year my vision for Peachy came to life and I'm so excited to see where it goes in 2021.

The first thing I like to do for the year ahead is set out my goals and make plans. Last year taught me that sometimes things don't go to plan and that it's ok when they don't. So this year I've done it a little bit different and while I've written my personal goals for things I want to achieve in business and my personal life, I've also written down some goals that I feel are so important but sometimes we forget the importance of them.

Goal 1) Take time for yourself - You can't pour from an empty cup

Goal 2) Be kinder to yourself - Your doing the best you can and Rome wasn't built in a day

Goal 3) Slow down! This is a personal favourite, Sometimes we move so quickly that we forget to enjoy the present time. This year I plan to slow down and enjoy the journey!

I set goals as I feel it helps me stay on track and not mentally wander off, but goals aren't for everyone and it's also ok if you don't set goals or you only goal is to get through the year mentally and physically intact. We are all unique in our own ways and we all work differently. Do what's right for you! 

So here's to 2021, whatever your goals and plans are I hope it's filled with love, happiness and success!

Lots of Love Natalie xx