Lash Boss

I thought I'd start of our first blog with introducing myself and the reason behind The Peachy Cosmetics Co. I am a huge lover of lashes, and cosmetics in general, i love to try new products, new makeup techniques and I love to see the fabulous looks people create with make-up.

I wear lashes on a daily basis but i like to try different styles for different occasions - i like a slightly less fuller lash for day to day wear and a thick, full, fluffy lash for nights out. My thoughts behind Peachy Cosmetics was to offer a variety of lash styles, thickness and lengths to suit all different looks and personalities. I have created our Classic Collection which consists of 10 styles all completely different and unique and i hope you love them as much as i do.

We all love to feel good, and for me feeling my best helps when i look my best.  That means adding a pair of lashes and my whole mindset has changed, I'm ready to take on whatever challenge comes my way and i'll be doing it in style. Lashes won't solve all of our problems but it sure makes me feel able to tackle them. 

So, put your lashes on an remember who you are ;) 

Natalie xx

Natalie Murray  Picture Credit : Roz Bonnar Photography